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Sink SCRUB™ Natural Sink Cleaner


Hate the chore of cleaning out a grimy, smelly sink? We’re right there with you. Make this task easier and faster with this gentle, aromatic Sink SCRUB™. 

  • Gently scrubs away tough dried food and grease
  • Helps buff out scratches on kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Trades stinky sink smells for a beautiful, nose-pleasing aroma
  • Helps gently remove stains from natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain 
  • Made from naturally-derived ingredients that are safe for your skin, your sink, and the environment
  • Available in Lavender, Beach, and Citrus


How To Use

For shining surfaces every time:

  1. Empty your sink of dishes. Remove any food particles stuck in the drain catch. 
  2. Sprinkle Sink SCRUB™ onto the surface of the sink.
  3. Roll up your sleeves, grab your scrub brush or sponge, and gently rub in circular movements. 
  4. Rinse with cool water, and step back to enjoy your spotlessly clean sink. 

PRO TIP: Drop 3-4 ice cubes down the sink, turn on your garbage disposal and rinse Sink SCRUB™ off your sink surface. This will clean the blades and freshen the drain! Don’t forget — Sink SCRUB™ can also be used in any DIY home cleaning recipe that calls for baking soda!


We adhere to strict ingredient integrity, so you’ll never find harmful chemicals in our products. Our Sink SCRUB™ is made with the following plant and earth-derived ingredients:   

Lavender & Beach:

  • Aluminum-Free Sodium Bicarbonate
  • *Natural Fragrance


  • Aluminum-Free Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Oil
  • Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil
  • Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil
  • Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil

*Derived from natural plant essences and oils. Safer Choice and ISO-9235 compliant. Free of petrochemicals, solvents, dyes, and pesticides.

In a world where chemicals are not explained or closely regulated, it can be hard to find laundry and household cleaners made with truly safe ingredients. Here is a complete list of all of the ingredients we choose and why we use them

Molly’s Suds Sink SCRUB™ does not contain: Harmful Fragrances, Dyes, Cancer-Causing Contaminants like Formaldehyde & 1,4-Dioxane, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Optical Brighteners, Synthetic Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, Petrochemicals, Phosphates, Chlorine, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Phthalates, Parabens, Methylisothiazolinone, Cocamide DEA

Additional Ways to Use Sink SCRUB Natural Sink Cleaner

Our Sink SCRUB™ is one of our most versatile products. You can use it throughout your entire home! Here are our favorite ways to use Sink SCRUB™ outside of the kitchen:

  • Sprinkle in toilets and bathtubs to help you quickly scrub away mineral deposits, grime, and soap scum
  • Scrub burned on grease in pots and pans. For best results, add a generous layer over the burned grease, then wet the powder thoroughly with white vinegar. Allow it to sit for up to 30 minutes, then wipe away!
  • Generously sprinkle over carpet stains and odors. Allow it to sit for several hours before vacuuming up the powder and the odors!
  • Sprinkle in smelly shoes or the bottom of your garbage can to eliminate odors. 

Once you’ve run out of your Sink SCRUB™, don’t forget to reuse the jar! Run it through the hot cycle in the dishwasher and reuse it for food storage. Pop in cotton balls for use in the bathroom. Repurpose into a homemade candle. Store bobby pins, thumbtacks, or crafting supplies. When you’re done reusing, recycle!

Additional information

Weight 1.54 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 4 in

Beach, Citrus, Lavender

17 reviews for Sink SCRUB™ Natural Sink Cleaner

  1. Dawn Miller

    I love this product! I used it all over my house…kitchen sink, kids’ tub, teens’ shower, & a stubborn stain on our carpet. It cleaned beautifully & smelled amazing! So easy to use.

  2. Annissa Jacobs

    I got the lavender scent and let me tell you guys, ITS SO PERFECT.
    I love lavender. It’s my laundry detergent, my softener, my sink spray, and on and on.

    This scrub really made a difference in my #cleankitchenatnight routine. I scrub down the sink with it and then add a shake onto my glass stove top and it’s all sparkly when I’m done.
    You can even use it in your bathroom in the tub and shower walls/glass doors.

    Yes I could make it myself, but why would I want to take the time out when I can have this shipped to me?

    Wish I could leave a picture in the review!

    10/10 recommend

  3. Emily K

    Great for everyday cleaning in kitchen and bathroom. I love that the ingredients are safe and the product is easy to use so my kids to help clean too! Citrus scent is strong and lasts

  4. Angie K.

    If your looking for a nontoxic cleaner that zaps away soap scum and cleans your glass stovetop like a boss, then look no further! The sink scrub tackles ALL the jobs and leaves a fresh natural smell in its place. Love!

  5. Shelby

    Thus far using the Citrus Sink scrub, the smell is strong but a wonderful clean smell. It worked well in the tub!

  6. Staci L

    The Beach scented sink scrub scent is TO DIE FOR! I want it in a body spray, is that weird?? But seriously, I LOVE this product. It just makes the job of cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dishes all worth while because at the end I use a sprinkle of this and my sink SHINES and the smell carries through the kitchen, I feel like it just adds that sparkling touch to make my kitchen happy to come home to. Love love love this product and now I can’t live without it.

  7. Terri

    I bought the citrus to try on the introductory offer. I can’t say enough good things about it. It cleans great on multiple surfaces and leaves quite the shine. And the smell! It’s uplifting, refreshing, clean and it lasts. Brightens not only the sink/tub/carpet/etc but the whole room. At a lower price point it would definitely be a staple in our home!

  8. Annette N

    I never feel compelled enough about a product to write a review but this Sink Scrub inspired me to do so. I purchased the Lavender scented sink scrub and not only is it a terrific cleaning product, but it smells ahhhhmazing.

  9. Em

    I purchased the Lemon and Beach sink scrubs and promptly tried the Lemon one out on our tub, which had quite a build up of soap scum in spots … And WOW I couldn’t believe how well the stuff cut through the grossness! And it smells great. Very impressed and so happy to now have a product that isn’t full of unnecessary harmful ingredients that stink terribly!

  10. Kathy D

    Yes, Yes, YES! The Beach scrub is divine. I’ve been seeing the recipes to make my own and just hadn’t done it. I LOVE that this site says that right in their product description! My sink looks awesome, my kitchen smells great, and I don’t mind the sink cleaning step anymore. WIN! I’d love to see a room spray in this same scent.

  11. Natasha

    Amazing!!! I got the citrus scent and love it! My sink looks great! And I love it’s a glass container to reuse.

  12. Rebecca Molnar

    I absolutely love Molly’s Suds Sink scrubs! They do an amazing job 😉 The lavender and citrus are my favorite of the 3 scents.

  13. Ashlee M.

    You MUST try this (in beach scent!) oh my goodness, the smell is glorious. I’ve cleaned my sink, counters, bathroom, carpet, stove, you name it. Works great!! Will be purchasing again.

  14. Paula

    I was very excited to try out the sink scrubs since I have been using Molly’s Suds laundry soap for 5 years. Overall I think this did an excellent job of cleaning sinks, and it has a pleasant smell that isn’t too overbearing. My only problem is the first time I used it, I did not wear gloves and I had a skin reaction. I normally don’t have sensitive skin so I was surprised. I will continue to use it since it works well, but will definitely wear gloves when using it from now on.


    This sink scrub is amazing! It works great, and the Beach scent…..it’s to die for. My husband actually asked what that great smell was as he walked by the sink. I want all my cleaning products in this scent, ha! It smells like summer in a jar. Also, I love the fact that it’s in a glass jar. I’m so sick of plastic I can hardly take it. This is a jar that I will use for something else later. Perfect. Thanks, Molly’s Suds!

  16. Marci

    I LOVE this stuff! I use this every night and I love how my sink glistens!! It smells great and leaves my sink so clean!!!

  17. Erin Farrell

    I love to clean, but for some reason cleaning the sink is always one of my least favorite tasks, therefore I put it off much longer than I should. This simple sink scrub (I purchased lavender) is the perfect motivation for me to clean my sinks more often- it smells delicious but does not have that overpowering lingering smell that artificial fragrances have- it is light and delightful. I have 3 different types of sinks in my house- stainless steel, glass, and ceramic and it worked wonderfully on all 3 types! I used it with a scrub brush and did not have to do any hard scrubbing to remove caked on foods/toothpaste. I’m very happy with my purchase!

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