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Original Peppermint Laundry Detergent Powder – 120 Loads


You deserve a truly safe laundry detergent! Our Original (Peppermint) Laundry Detergent Powder is powerful enough to clean your dirtiest clothes without any harmful chemicals. 

  • Just one scoop (1 TBLS) per load
  • Powerful, deep clean
  • Made with only 5 earth-derived ingredients
  • Safe for everyone in your family and ideal for those with sensitive skin  
  • Can be used in standard, commercial and High-Efficiency (HE) washers 
  • Highly-concentrated formula washes 120 loads of laundry

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How to Use 

For a great wash every time:

Step 1. Choose either warm or hot water. If your clothing requires cold water, opt for our  All Sport Wash – Active Wear Detergent instead. 

Step 2. Add the powder directly to your washing machine before adding laundry, for both standard and HE washing machines.

Step 3. Follow up the wash cycle in the dryer with our Wool Dryer Balls!

PRO TIP: If your home has hard water, add ½ cup of white vinegar to balance the pH level. Vinegar is a natural fabric softener! Use Oxygen Whitener as a laundry booster for extra dirty or stained loads — it’s a safe, natural bleach alternative.


We adhere to strict ingredient integrity, so you’ll never find harmful chemicals in our products. Molly’s Suds Original (Peppermint) Laundry Detergent Powder includes only 5 earth-derived ingredients:

  • Sodium Carbonate sourced from the Green River Basin in Wyoming
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Magnesium Sulfate (Heptahydrate)
  • Unrefined Sea Salt
  • Organic (Arvensis) Peppermint Oil

In a world where chemicals are not explained or closely regulated, it can be hard to find laundry and household cleaners made with truly safe ingredients. Here is a complete list of all of the ingredients we choose and why we use them

Molly’s Suds Original Laundry Powder does not contain: Harmful Fragrances, Dyes, Cancer-Causing Contaminants like Formaldehyde & 1,4-Dioxane, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Optical Brighteners, Synthetic Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, Petrochemicals, Phosphates, Chlorine, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Phthalates, Parabens, Methylisothiazolinone, Cocamide DEA

Learn More About Original Laundry Detergent Powder

This is the product that started it all! Molly’s Suds Original (Peppermint) Laundry Detergent Powder was the first laundry powder we created and is our flagship product. As Monica Leonard (owner, founder) began discovering the toxic chemicals included in common household cleaning products, she knew she needed to remove them from her home and replace them with safe, natural cleaning products. 

The one place she couldn’t find a satisfactory natural option? The laundry room! All of the natural products she tried didn’t clean well or left a sticky residue. Some of the ‘natural’ detergents included questionable ingredients. A safe and effective natural laundry detergent powder was nowhere to be found — so, she decided to partner with a green chemist to create her own!

A short time later, our Original Laundry Powder hit the shelves of our newly launched brand, Molly’s Suds. It’s a powerful and gentle detergent powder that remains one of our best sellers to this day.

To read more about the story of how Molly’s Suds came to be, click here.

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67 reviews for Original Peppermint Laundry Detergent Powder – 120 Loads

  1. Shannon

    I have tried many laundry soaps before landing on Molly’s Suds, and now I’ll be loyal forever. It is effective and I love the ingredients. I use it on cloth diapers too. Great stuff!

  2. Patricia

    WONDERFUL! I bought Mollys Suds because we are using grey water for our lawn during a drought. After reviewing many products, I decided on Mollys Suds because of its high ratings from EWG.

    I have been using this soap for a couple of months now., and I will never use any other product. It works with just one small scoop per load, even in cold water. The clothes are very bright and fresh as well as clean smelling.

    I only wish I could convince people that toxic chemicals do not make laundry cleaner. I highly recommend this pure laundry soap.

  3. Love It!

    I am so happy I found a natural product that simply cleans your clothes the way they were meant to be cleaned, without the build up and artificial fragrance. The other bonus for my family is how long it lasts. I am amazed at the actual savings, and we have a lot of laundry in my house! Definitely, a keeper.

  4. Kelly

    I won’t buy another detergent! The smell is amazing and my clothes come out clean. The price is just icing on the cake!

  5. SueZQ

    This is my third time purchasing and I bought 3 packages of the largest container. I love this and it last a LONG time! There is nothing negative I can say about the product itself.

    I use to make my own detergent and this is better and MUCH easier! Take advantage of the one shipping price and Enjoy being healthier and clean!

  6. Debby Fransisco

    I was a life long Tide user until I found Molly’s. All around winner. Environmentally safe, really clean clothes, and minty clean scent. I’m hooked.

  7. Allergy Friendly

    My husband was itching from other laundry detergents but not this one. He has no problems. We are very happy .

  8. Customer in love

    I’m amazed at how well Molly’s Suds works and so happy that it’s toxic free! And it has a slight peppermint scent….bonus! Customer for life!

  9. Amber

    I have been very impressed with all of the products in the starter pack. I do at least 3 loads of laundry everyday and as a result, I tend to go through detergent like it’s running water. I have been so happy with how long I’ve been able to go without having to buy more product, and the best part of all, is that this stuff works!! The wool balls have drastically cutdown drying times = no more waiting around on the dryer! The dryer is usually done before my washer now. The Sport wash is fabulous as well. I put it to the test with my lululemon yoga pants and my husband’s stinky flip flops! I’m hooked!!

  10. Robin Edwards

    I searched all the independent ratings on the ‘net and Molly’s rated the best and safest. I was not convinced but ordered one and have used it two weeks and am convinced! It is the best. I ordering two more now!!! Thank you, Molly’s Suds!

  11. Gina

    I bought Molly’s Suds because I have recently started to pay attention to what my family & I put into, as well as on our bodies. I was a little skeptical I admit – especially the small amount of detergent needed for each load, but our clothes have never been cleaner!! (Or softer- we love the wool dryer balls too!) We are very pleased with this product & will definitely purchase again. Only downside is it is not available in stores in our area. But worth buying online !

  12. happy customer

    I love buying all natural and locally made! This does both!

  13. Beth

    I have been so pleased with Molly’s suds. I love that it doesn’t leave behind any fragrance as my husband is very sensitive to those perfumey smells so many brands have. I also had so much trouble with pesky, oily looking spots on my dark clothes. Molly’s Suds solved the problem! I’d highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality product as well as one that doesn’t contain chemicals.

  14. Kristen

    Best natural product I have found! Gets clothes clean and lasts a long time. Highly recommend!

  15. Cindi

    My search for the perfect nontoxic laundry soap is finally over! Thank you for creating and sharing this amazing product! I am a customer for life!

  16. Michelle A

    A laundry detergent I can feel great about! It gets my sons’ clothes clean and is safe for their sensitive skin.

  17. Gina

    This product is 1 of my most favorite natural products! I do feel like it requires 2 tablespoons per load, but we have hard water in our area.

  18. Loriee

    I am so happy I am using Molly’s Suds…I love this product. I have 2 grandsons that both have allergies and this is a great product for them. My clothes, towels, bedding have never looked brighter! Highly recommend this product…make the change, you will not regret it!

  19. Lori

    LOVE this laundry detergent! I didn’t realize how much residue is left behind from other brands (even the ones that claim to be free and clear) until I switched to Molly’s!! Our clothes just feel and smell so much cleaner!! I also bought the wool dryer balls and they are wonderful too! No more using fabric softener or dryer sheets… even my washer seems to be cleaner… no more soapy build-up!!
    Highly recommending this product to family and friends!!

  20. Clyde

    I have been using this product for the past year and all I can say is that I wish I knew about it earlier. I have a front load samsung washing machine and I add the powder directly inside the washer with the occasional vinegar in the pre-wash dispenser. My clothing comes out soft, refreshed, and the best part new looking. The regular detergents would wear out the fabric on my clothing, but Molly Suds is incredibly gentle. I wash my linens and silks in cold water and so far I am amazed at how gentle this product is on them. We bought our washing machine about a year ago and since I have consistently left the door open after a cycle to air it out and only used Molly Suds detergent, and so far it is free of odors. In other words, Molly Suds is an amazing detergent; gentle on clothing, chemical free, and just safe for our overall health and environment. I can confidently say that I will be a loyal Molly Suds user!

  21. Waimanalo Ana

    Aloha, we have been using Molly’s Suds for a while now. We have noticed a difference in our clothes, and especially our towels. No more of that mildew towel smell that you get when you’ve used too much soap to wash your towels. We have an energy efficient washer and in conjunction with Molly’s our clothes come out clean and happy every load. With m husbands very dirty work clothes, Molly’s is able to get those clean as well.

  22. Stacy

    Love this stuff, love that my sensitive family can wear our clothes and not have to worry about what is leaching into our skin from our detergent!

  23. Heather

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! I can’t say enough good things about this laundry detergent. My clothes are clean and smell clean, not at all loaded down with perfume smells. LOVE IT!

  24. Kelly

    I really love this soap! Even the stinkiest clothes come out odor free! The only way to improve the product would be to get bags with a different reseal closure. Those tend to pull apart about halfway through the bag. But the soap? Perfect!

  25. Kelly

    Love this detergent will never use anything else!! Love the smell and my clothing always smells so clean!!

  26. Jeannie

    This laundry detergent WORKS! I have been saving to purchase this powder to try, and every time I use it, I am amazed at the stains that come out. Clothes smell just like clothes. The powder is peppermint scented, but the house does not smell like peppermint when the washer runs like I was worried it might. I am sensitive to smells, and enjoy the smell of peppermint, but didn’t want my house to smell like a candy cane factory. I have not noticed any residual pepperminty-ness on my clothes, either, which is good since I own a horse and smelling like a treat might cause obvious problems… :). I’m very happy with this powerful, yet gentle, product!

  27. Tamara

    Amazing, I have tried so many detergents on my cloth diapers and clothes in our hard water and Molly’s Suds is the best! The clothes/ diapers are super clean , smell clean, and the stains are even lighter! No chemicals as well. Great job Molly’s, thank you!

  28. Kristy

    I purchased this product last week on Amazon after spending a couple hours looking on the EWG website (on a quest to sift out dangerous chemicals in my house). So far so great! Everything comes out clean and fresh smelling! The big thing for me is knowing that me and my daughter are not absorbing dangerous chemicals into our bodies anymore. Hoping we’ll be lifelong customers!

    Thanks Molly’s Suds!

  29. carolavant

    My first order arrive Saturday, and I must say that I’m pleased and delighted! This product met my every expectation for clean, and the scent is refreshing, but not over powering. All you see and smell is clean! Another plus – I usually have some degree of itchiness associated with freshly washed laundry, and with some products, a rash, but not with this product! Love it!

  30. Demetrios

    I really like this Laundry Soap. Would recommend it to any one.

  31. Julie Burgmeier

    This laundry powder works really well at removing odors! 1 scoop TRULY does the job, so it lasts an extremely long time for us! The peppermint scent is wonderful! Not too overwhelming, but just right!

  32. Kristi Perkins

    This is awesome!! I love Molly Suds!

  33. Patricia Slaght

    Molly Suds Laundry Powder is a truly wonderful way to get our clothes clean without chemicals. The mint scent is so fresh and clean smelling. I began using Molly’s suds because we recycle our laundry water to water our horse pasture. Once I learned about all the harsh chemicals in the toxic detergents, I was determined to find a laundry powder that would work for us. Thank you Molly Suds!

  34. Amanda Korent

    I have been using this for about 6 years and love how well it cleans. I also love knowing it is safe for my family.

  35. Kimberlee Schelling

    I LOVE this detergent! Smells fresh, works great… but the BEST thing is that I know exactly what is touching my kids’ clothing, which wraps them up & touches their precious skin. No more chemicals!!!

  36. Marilyn

    I bought this to use in my HE washer. I tried other natural detergents and even made a few on my own. They clogged my machine. Molly’s Suds did not. I also found that Molly’s Suds cleaned my clothes very well.
    I am a fan.

  37. Charles Bell

    As a guy, I have always used the laundry detergent that my mother used. Since finding Molly’s Suds I use nothing else. I like the job it does on my clothes. I highly recommend it.

  38. Daniel Porzio

    Amazing product. Clothes are brighter. No smelly residue. Would recommend to anyone.

  39. Carol Hoyt

    I agree with all the glowing reviews I have read about Molly’s Suds! I love the natural
    ingredients, the clean results, how long the bag lasts compared to commercial
    detergents, etc. I shall always order Molly’s products from now on!

  40. Emily

    I love this detergent! I have had issues in the past with “natural” and “nontoxic” cleaners making my clean clothes smell. This detergent is effective and I feel good about using it. Highly recommend

  41. Shannon

    I love this detergent. It gets the job done and it doesn’t irritate my kids’ sensitive skin or my sensitivity to fragrance.

  42. Judy

    I have used Molly’s Suds for a couple of years now. Not only does it get our laundry clean but it does the job without all the harsh chemicals most other detergents contain. And, the icing on the cake is how long 1 bag lasts! It is a great detergent for an economical price. Can’t beat that!!

  43. Sandy

    I love love love Molly’s Suds! I’ve been a customer for several years now to free my family of toxins, chemicals and estrogens. This not only cleans our clothes well, but leaves them with a fresh smell.

  44. Meredith

    I love this detergent. I feel like our clothes get nice and clean without all the gunk that other detergents have. And the mint smell when loading is just a hint of “pick me up” as I’m loading the washer!

  45. Laura LaBrecque

    Love this product, it really works well.

  46. Duane D

    I love this product! I’d been using the leading brand of powdered laundry detergent, Tide, for over 20 years when I switched to Molly’s Suds. I buy the unscented version. It does a great job and leaves my laundry 100% fragrance free. Before, I could always smell Tide on my cotton-poly work shirts, which meant that it wasn’t getting rinsed out completely and was leaving a soap residue. Not so with Molly’s Suds. I’ve been using it for over a year now and I’m satisfied that it cleans every bit as good as Tide. It costs about the same, or even less, and it’s not only better for my skin, it’s better for the environment. What’s not to like? Try it, I think you’ll be impressed.

  47. Sarah E DuVall

    We absolutely love Molly’s Suds. We have been using it now for about two years. Won’t use anything else. Thank you.

  48. Kaela

    Effective, safe ingredients, and lasts a long time!

  49. Betty S.

    I have been using Molly’s Suds for over a year now and love it. I am trying to get chemicals out of my life. It leaves your clothes clean and natural smelling instead of those heavy fragrances that are not good for you. I also use the wool balls in the dryer and I am trying the brightner. I use vinegar in the rinse. Thank you Molly’s Suds for such a good product.

  50. Jeff M

    After reading an article in early 2017 about the dangers of using conventional laundry detergent, a friend suggested that we try a product from Molly’s Suds. So, I took that advice and purchased the Laundry Powder 120 loads product. My wife and I have been using this detergent ever since and are completely satisfied with its performance in cleaning our clothes, as it truly is a good or better than anything we’ve used in the past. We also like its scent and feel that the price is very reasonable for the quantity of product included. In all sincerity, I cannot imagine us buying any other detergent going forward. Thanks, Molly’s Suds!

  51. Courtney Caldwell

    Since going vegan, our family has looked to vegan-ize every aspect of our lives, including laundry. We were thrilled to learn of Molly’s Suds through a quick Google search. Everyone in the family (even the 17 yo football player) loves the product. It’s amazing how clean the product can get even the dirtiest of clothes. I was thrown off at first bc there are no suds (don’t expect them), but it makes sense why there wouldn’t be. Happy to be a satisfied customer and hope this brand is around for many years to come!

  52. Audra

    I’m so glad I found Molly’s Suds. Gone is the musty smell that I get from other free and clear products. It feels so good to be using something that is safe for the environment and ourselves.

  53. Melissa Fisher

    Love this product. Once I started using Molly Suds, I’ve never stopped. Clothes are clean and smell fresh. Wonderful for sensitive skin.

  54. Ashley H.

    I know the dangers lurking in mass-produced laundry detergents. I have used Norwex for years but decided to try Molly’s after stumbling a post online that raved about it. I bought some and am so glad that I did! It works great and smells amazing!

  55. Shelby

    I absolutely love this product for my family’s laundry. Always make sure that you use a scoop per size of the load; that is key. Large load upwards of 3 scoops; especially when your husband is a fireman and you’re getting scents out of the laundry.

  56. Lance

    We love this. We have allergies with other detergents but this one doesn’t cause any problems!

  57. Karen Kraeger

    I wanted a laundry soap that got our clothes clean without toxic chemicals. I also wanted a soap without artificial fragrance. Molly’s Suds is perfect! Our towels used to get a musty smell after a couple of days of use. Now, they smell clean and fresh for several days because there’s no more fragrance/chemical buildup on them. Even better, my family isn’t exposed to the chemicals through their skin anymore. Cost wise, Molly’s Suds is about the same as the big brands. We LOVE Molly’s Suds and won’t ever go back to using other laundry detergents. Thanks for making such a fantastic product!

  58. Rae Giuffre

    First time trying this product and am so happy I found it!! Love the peppermint scent! I also ordered the dryer balls and used them for the first time last night…nice knowing my family is getting away from all of the chemicals in dryer sheets. Will definitely be reordering both products again.

  59. Beverly Hiller

    I’ve been using Molly’s Suds for about 2 years after finding it listed on EWG as a safe product. I am happy to say that, in addition to being safe, it cleans well and smells good. It’s more economical than the detergents I used in the past. Thank you!

  60. Shawna Keizor

    Love the product! My sister told me about this company & I’m so glad she did!! Makes me feel good knowing I’m keeping my family & furkids safer by eliminating chemicals from my laundry routine!! Thank you sister & Molly’s Suds!!

  61. Kristin E Thompson

    Great all purpose detergent! Love this stuff. Nice mild mint scent. Simple ingredients, good for the environment and my sensitive skin. Also, you only use a tiny scoop so the bag lasts a long time.

  62. Kelsey Holthaus

    After learning about the harsh chemicals in my regular laundry detergent, and reading about clean and natural cleaners, I landed on mollysuds. I decided to give it a try, and just placed my second order! The smell is not strong, and leaves clothes, pet blankets, towels, bedding etc. feeling clean and fresh! My only downfall is I wish the scent was left stronger on my clothes, but you can substitute in some essential oils in the dryer for a lasting smell.

  63. Sheldon VanKooten

    This is the very best detergent I have ever used. Not only is it super clean and safe it has a nice fresh scent. It also lasts forever. I do laundry for two in my house and one pack of this lasted me seven months before I had to restock. In. Love.

  64. Courtney Gordon

    I wish I made the switch to Molly Suds laundry detergent sooner! I couldn’t be happier with how effective it is and I feel confident that I am not exposing my family to harsh chemicals in traditional detergents. I have recommended it to all of my family members!

  65. Kelly Frerich

    I have send All Free and Clear forever. I tried this when I joined Grove. I love the fresh smell and that it cleans. Without harsh chemicals. I have to be careful what I use due to allergic reactions. This fits the bill.

  66. Paula

    I have been using Molly’s Suds laundry powder since my first child was born (almost 5 years ago). We have been very happy with the product. For tougher stains, we do have to pretreat with a different product though. I love that this product is A rated on EWG.

  67. Brittany

    I made my first Molly’s Suds purchase last Friday and it arrived Monday afternoon. I’ve used it on all my laundry and I absolutely love it! My clothes and sheets are fresher and more clean than ever before. I will most definitely be a returning customer.

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