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All Sport Athletic Laundry Detergent


All Sport Wash is the ultimate natural laundry solution for eliminating tough odors and stubborn stains from sports apparel, athleisurewear, and delicates. Best of all, it’s made with ingredients that are completely safe for everyone in the family!

  • Removes tough odor-causing bacteria
  • Designed to get out the impermeable stink from your favorite yoga pants or athleisurewear
  • Tackles tough stains, including grass, sweat, and blood 
  • Perfect for machine or hand washing activewear and delicates
  • Preserves SPF, water repellency, wicking capabilities, and breathability of performance wear
  • Color-safe detergent keeps fabrics looking new

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How To Use

For handwashing your athletic wear:

Step 1. Add one capful of All Sport – Active Wear Detergent to a sink or basin.

Step 2. Pretreat any stains using a small amount of All Sport Wash – Active Wear Detergent. Work the detergent into the stain with your Laundry Stain Brush, then add the garment to the washer. You can use our Stain Remover Spray for this step too!

Step 3. Launder according to garment care labels. When in doubt, remember that most athletic clothing is best laundered in cool water and dried on the lowest heat setting or air dried.

Or use the gentle cycle in your machine: 

Step 1. Add 2-4 capfuls of All Sport – Active Wear Detergent to the drum of your washer or detergent drawer. For small loads use 2 capfuls, for larger loads use up to 4 capfuls. 

Step 2. Pretreat any stains using a small amount of All Sport Wash – Active Wear Detergent. Work the detergent into the stain with your Laundry Stain Brush, then add the garment to the washer. You can use our Stain Remover Spray for this step too!

Step 3. Launder according to garment care labels. When in doubt, remember that most athletic clothing is best laundered in cool water and dried on the lowest heat setting or air-dried.

PRO TIP: Have a houseful of sweaty, smelly teenage boys, or a military uniform to launder? You can use All Sport Wash as a general clothing detergent to help get rid of odors in jeans, socks, underwear, uniforms, and t-shirts. Or, you can use All Sport Wash as a laundry booster with our laundry powders — just 1 cap will do the trick! 


We adhere to strict ingredient integrity, so you’ll never find harmful chemicals in our products. All Sport Wash – Active Wear Detergent includes only the following people-safe and earth-derived ingredients: 

  • Purified water
  • Decyl glucoside
  • Non-GMO vegetable glycerin
  • Plant-based minerals & enzymes
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Cocamide MEA
  • Organic sweet orange essential oil
  • Plant-based alcohol

In a world where chemicals are not explained or closely regulated, it can be hard to find laundry and household cleaners made with truly safe ingredients. Here is a complete list of all of the ingredients we choose and why we use them

Molly’s Suds All Sport Wash – Active Wear Detergent does not contain: Harmful Fragrances, Dyes, Cancer-Causing Contaminants like Formaldehyde & 1,4-Dioxane, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Optical Brighteners, Synthetic Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, Petrochemicals, Phosphates, Chlorine, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Phthalates, Parabens, Methylisothiazolinone, Cocamide DEA

Learn More About All Sport Wash – Active Wear Detergent

Feeling adrift when it comes to the best way to care for your yoga pants and new gym shorts? It’s easy to quickly and irreparably ruin high-performance fabrics if you don’t follow the right rules for garment care. Here’s what our pros recommend:

  1. Athletic wear should always be washed as soon as possible to prevent odor-causing bacteria from multiplying. 
  2. Never use fabric softeners or dryer sheets on sports apparel! (or any laundry, in our opinion.) These products damage the elasticity, wicking attributes, and breathability of activewear. 
  3. Avoid washing athletic clothing and delicates in hot water. Heat can damage the elasticity and shape of these garments. This Active Wear Detergent will still work its odor-cutting magic in cool or warm water! 
  4. Repeat as needed! If stubborn stains or odors are not eliminated after the first wash, wash and repeat before drying. Once you dry a garment stains and odors can be harder to combat!
  5. Always air dry athleisurewear or use the coolest setting in the dryer. Wool Dryer Balls are recommended to speed up drying time. 
  6. Say goodbye to smelly shoes! Put your tennis shoes or sneakers into a mesh laundry bag and toss them in the washer with a generous splash of All Sport Wash. Allow your shoes soak in cool water for 20-30 minutes, then rinse. 

To keep your yoga mat and athletic equipment clean, mix one-part All Sport Wash – Active Wear Detergent to three parts water in a glass spray bottle. Spritz over yoga mats, non-washable athletic gear, and inside gym bags. Wipe down with a dry, organic cloth for quick, efficient clean that gets rid of lingering odors.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 8.5 in

54 reviews for All Sport Athletic Laundry Detergent

  1. No more itch!

    I haven’t had itchy skin since I started using this product, it smells great, and it gets my sweaty gym clothes back into great condition!

  2. Amazing!

    How many times have you laundered sweaty clothing to find that the odor is not completely gone, after washing? Molly’s Suds All Sport is truly amazing. It smells great and gets rid of body odors in all fabrics. I launder not only my gym clothes but my undies in All Sport. All clothing comes out of the wash smelling clean and fresh without a fragrance.

  3. Wonderful

    I’ve been using both the All Sport and regular Molly’s Suds laundry detergent for a few weeks now. The All Sport took the mildewy stink out of a pile of t-shirts I was ready to throw away. These were things that had been washed repeatedly in various commercial detergents, with the stink persisting. One wash in the All Sport, and they smell WONDERFUL. No more stink. Had a similar result with towels and workout clothing that had become stinky. One wash was all it took. Everything comes out of the wash clean and fresh!

  4. Anonymous

    So Far, I am liking this cleaner for our dirtier whites. I have only used it twice now and put it in the pre-wash as well as the regular wash. Really like the Molly’s products!

  5. Magic!

    I purchased the Molly’s Suds All Sport because I heard that it works magic on stinky towels and workout clothing. Boy am I glad I found this!! Not only does it smell great, but my towels and workout clothing are no longer smelly after just one wash! Works wonders:)

  6. Ronda C

    I spend what I consider a lot of money on running clothes and I like to take care of them. This sports liquid keeps my tops, shorts and socks and (my husband’s, too) looking and smelling fresh — and not just running clothes, I also use on delicates and synthetics.

  7. Great!

    I am amazed at how well this product cleans and gets the smell out of my sweaty work-out clothes. And the cost is low!

  8. Cindi

    Thank you for creating this amazing product! I highly recommend it! I am a customer for life!

  9. Tiffany

    Love this detergent! It’s gentle on the synthetic fabrics used in the running and sports clothing we wear and it takes out the post-run stinkies as well. It’s also priced reasonably (most sports-clothing detergent is $10-$12), so it makes this purchase a no-brainer. Plus, I haven’t had to add distilled vinegar to my wash (that helps deodorize).

  10. Margie Schnabel

    This eco-friendly sports detergents is a laundry staple in my home. Protects delicates. The only product I use for organcic cottons, my favorite yoga clothing. Thanks for this wonderful product!

  11. Elizabeth

    I love this liquid detergent as a sink wash for delicates. A little goes a long way and it has a nice, light orange scent that is NOT artificial.

  12. S

    This detergent is fantastic. It gets stinky clothes clean and fresh, even in a front loader that has hard, sulfur well water. I like that it is a liquid when many of the other “sports” washes are powder. I use this on all of our family’s clothing, not just athletic gear. Great to use on towels too!

  13. Amanda

    Absolutely perfect!! Removes all the stink from our teenage boys clothes and leaves our towels smelling amazing!!

  14. Heather

    This is THE BEST washing detergent for sports clothing!! Clean and smelling fresh!! AND…..you feel good putting your kids in clothes washed with Molly’s suds…..knowing there isn’t any harmful stuff. Molly’s suds washing detergent and dryer balls have made a world of difference on my son’s skin! Thank you Molly’s Suds!!

  15. Michelle Gerwig

    I use a little of this with their powder detergent on most loads, works great!

  16. Marsha

    Been using this product for my sweaty workout clothes for a couple of years now. It’s the only thing I buy. It does the job. (And let me tell you, my running and cycling clothes get really sweaty and REALLY stinky!) Won’t use anything else.

  17. Ronda Carter

    I’ve been using this product for 4+ years. My husband has gone from half-marathons to Ironman triathlons. I work out at a gym, so I not only have my sweat, but residual sweat from other people. My laundry and my laundry room smells much better thanks to Molly’s Sport Wash. Because my husband travels, unfortunately his workout clothes may be in a plastic bag for a day. Even so, Molly’s liquid gets the odors out. I highly recommend the product AND the tips on the label. Keeping your synthetic workout clothes out of the dryer prolongs their life. Thanks to Molly’s, my running skirts and shorts I bought 4 years ago still look brand new.

  18. Betty

    I really love how the all sport laundry wash cleans the orders out of our clothes. My son works around grease all day and ends up with it on his clothes. This product does a great job of making his laundry smell fresh and clean.

  19. Noreen

    This is our fave detergent!

  20. Manureet Brar

    I have been using this detergent for over 3 months. I found there are no smells or residue feeling on my clothes. I have tried other clean detergents which still produce a ‘itch’ for me on my body. This detergent doesn’t produce those itchy feelings. Love this brand!

  21. Molliye McKinley

    I have been using the powdered soap for years but with growing boys (9 & 11) their stink factor has grown with them. Started using the all sport liquid and it has been doing a great job! I’ll still continue to used our trusty powder soap for most washing but love this option for the stinky sports gear!

  22. Casaundra A Sisk

    I love this healthier solution for laundry detergent and will purchase again in the future!

  23. Angie Kauffman

    I was skeptical at first that this product could compete with the brand I was using. Boy, was I wrong! My workout clothes are softer and that stinky old workout smell is gone! I’m a believer now! Thank you Molly suds. I’m trying the Swim product next!

  24. Lori A

    I am a fitness instructor & have not been able to get my workout clothes completely clean & odorless until I used this Sport Wash! Fantastic! No smells EVER! My husband plays recreational ice hockey & his hockey gear is gross! He started using this & couldn’t believe what a great job it did.

  25. Megan T

    I love this!! I use it on all of my sons sports gear. The colors looks great and the horrible smells are gone!!

  26. Shannon

    I have tried a number of natural laundry products to remove the stench from non-cotton workout clothes (that absorb odors from other dirty clothes in the washer like crazy!), and this is the only one that works consistently. THANK YOU for being a healthy alternative to the nasty fabric softeners!

  27. Lorri

    I have been using this product a while now, and I love it! It takes the stink out of all of our stinkiest workout clothes and towels. Thank you Molly Suds for making such a great product!

  28. Kristin Thompson

    Gets the tough BO smell out of my synthetic fiber tops and our cotton towels without all the chemicals! Love it!

  29. Laura

    My husband is training for a half marathon and we have been struggling to get the sweat smell out of clothes – just one use of this detergent and no more smell! Plus, we both have sensitive skin so it was challenging to find a product that would clean, eliminate odor, not irritate our skin and was non-toxic but this checks all the boxes!

  30. Megan

    This sport wash works amazingly for synthetic fabrics in cold water. Whenever there is a garment that won’t come out with a clean smell Molly’s Sport wash always gets it clean, clean, clean!

  31. Yuka Mehling

    I used this product first time, and It takes stain away. I only use small amount, but our cloth looks cleaner and all the stains are gone. I will keep using this product. I use this product in a recycled bottle spray which I purchased from Molly Suds, and I love this bottle too.
    I appreciate that you are making safest laundry products for us and for our environment!!!!!

  32. Jill Garnsey

    I am in love with this detergent. My husband is a railroad worker, and he gets really dirty. He was skeptical at first but now a believer of Molly’s Suds!

  33. Rona Hereford

    We’ve used Molly’s products for over 2 years and the Sports Wash for over a year. They work great on my darling husbands nasty Crossfit/running clothes, he has even told his trainer about Molly’s Sport Wash! We’ve recently started using the Sports Wash on our pups bedding and collars and such…. definitely keeps that dog smell to a minimum!

  34. Betty Jean Oberring

    We can not do without this product in our home! It does a fantastic job on work clothes and exercise clothes. It’s a must have and I highly reccommend it.

  35. Shelby

    Works wonderfully on sweaty gym clothing; just make sure you use enough.

  36. Elizabeth Maloney

    I purchased this and it arrived yesterday. Last night, while clipping my dogs nails, I got one too close to the quick and it started bleeding, but I didn’t realize it until after Buddy tracked blood all over my house, rug, a white blanket, and sofa. The floors are wood and the sofa is leather, so no problems there, but I had blood spots all over my light colored rug and blanket. I used the Sport Wash in the washer for the blanket, and directly on the rug with a scrub brush and all the blood came off! You can’t even tell there was any blood on it. Highly recommended, and I love that the products are safe, since my dogs come in contact with everything I wash.

  37. amy.commers

    I love that Sport Wash is gentle on my skin and clothes, but actually gets them clean and takes out the smell. I bought this after feeling like my clothes just weren’t really getting clean with the natural detergent I was using at the time and after one soak and wash, couldn’t believe the difference. I switched to Molly’s Suds for all my laundry products after that.

  38. Annistyn Jade Corbell

    Love the smell! Works great!

  39. Amanda Dale

    I bought this because my family has a lot of wicking clothing that needs to be washed on gentle in cold water, which never really allowed for the sweaty smells to really go away. I have used the product once and could not be happier! The clothes smell like NOTHING, which is what they should smell like and are squeaky clean. I will definitely be a Molly’s Suds user from now on!

  40. D Black

    I’m a landscaper and for some reason, one of my cats urinates on the clothes that I’ve worn during the day, on my landscaping jobs. He also urinated on my favorite sandals. We’ve taken him to the veterinarian and he’s perfectly healthy. I’d tried everything to get the smell out (cat urine has the shelf life of plutonium!) to no avail. I finally tried Molly’s Suds and … bingo. The urine smell was gone. I also soaked my sandals in a bucket of the sportswash and the odor was completely gone. Now my sandals just smell of dirty human feet.

  41. Linda C

    I use the All Sport Laundry Wash for my polyester sheets. It not only excellently cleans the sheets, but leaves a pleasant scent. For my particular sheets, I prefer the All Sport Laundry Wash and use the Liquid Laundry Detergent for my other laundry. Love all the Molly’s Suds products.

  42. Joan Berry

    I just used some All Sport on a (pretty fresh but dried) tomato bisque stain on my new light azure blue/white striped linen shirt. 🙁 I figured it was a goner. Wet the fabric, scrubbed it in, let it sit for a bit, then hand washed the whole shirt in All Sport for good measure. Tomato bisque dribbles, all gone!!! Thank you, Molly’s Suds!! Love the oxy Powder as well!

  43. Kristin E Thompson

    Love this stuff!! Cleans so well, gets rid of tough BO stuck in synthetic materials and towels. Great for chemically sensitive people like me – no fragrance.

  44. Kelly Shell

    Love the sports detergent better than my last detergent and what the company stands for in general.

  45. Shan

    So far love this detergent. I have hard water and this seems to keep away the stinky water scent. Clothes seem to be soft and clean. And love that there are no harsh chemicals. My husband is sensitive to detergents and he has had no problems with this detergent

  46. Ashley

    We absolutely LOVE this stuff. I’m allergic to a bunch of different chemicals so this is one of the few detergents I can actually use BUT it truly works (I’ve tried so many with disappointing results). This cleans our clothes so well – even the really sweaty / smelly stuff from my husband’s workouts!

  47. Shae

    I’ve been using this detergent for about three years now and I don’t think I will ever use anything else! It cleans all my active wear so well. No bleeding or fading of colors. Thank you for making such great products!!!

  48. Betty Oberring

    I love this product! I use it with nearly every load I wash. It really takes care of my laundry smells, like athletic clothes, work clothes that can smell like fuel or oil and musty smells from wet towels that get wadded up in the laundry basket. My husband is reactive to commercial detergents and I was making my own forever. I’m so glad I found Molly Suds! I have used the All Sport and the powder detergents for a few years now. He doesn’t react at all to them and our clothes get really clean. Thank you for making such great products!

  49. Betty Oberring

    I love this product! I use it with nearly every load I wash. It really takes care of my laundry smells, like athletic clothes, work clothes that can smell like fuel or oil and musty smells from wet towels that get wadded up in the laundry basket. My husband is reactive to commercial detergents and I was making my own forever. I’m so glad I found Molly Suds! I have used the All Sport and the powder detergents for a few years now. He doesn’t react at all to them and our clothes get really clean. Thank you for making such great products!

  50. Brittany

    Literally the BEST thing for all athletic type clothing. I wash my husbands golf clothes and workout clothes in this detergent and it’s a life saver!

  51. Audra

    I love this product! I am never going back to my old detergent!

  52. Amanda Sutton

    I have used so many different products to try and remove the sweaty smell from our gym clothes and nothing worked…I mean nothing. Until I found Molly’s Suds. This is AMAZING!! Our gym clothes smell fresh and I love the orange scent of it. I have recommended it to all my friends and family and given it as gifts. Please don’t stop making this!

    • Calley

      Thanks for sharing your review Amanda. We’ll keep it around!!

  53. Libby

    I’ve been using this product for over a year now and it is the only sport wash I have found that actually, truly, gets out the sweaty STINK from my workout gear. For stink that has really set it, I occasionally need to soak the clothes first (with a mixture of this wash plus water). I love it so much that I’ve convinced two friends to start using it and they love it too! There was a time when I thought I’d have to stop buying workout-specific clothing because they just always stunk. That is true for me no more thanks to this wonderful product. It has a light citrus scent that I enjoy while pouring it into the washing machine but the smell does not remain on the clothing. I plan to keep buying it again and again!

  54. Erin Yoder

    We have a bed wetter in our family and I have fragrance sensitivity, so I have to be careful about any products with fragrance in the ingredients. Using a free & clear detergent is better for my sensitivities, but it definitely wasn’t doing the job of removing odors from my son’s bedding and pajamas. I have been a huge fan of the oxygen whitener for a few years and decided to give the All Sport Wash a try. I can’t believe it, but I no longer have to wash/rinse his wet bedding and laundry multiple times, one wash/rinse the All Sport is all it takes!

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