Medium Eco-Friendly Bottle Brush


Clean smarter, not harder! This eco-friendly medium bottle brush is a slim-line, natural fiber brush that’s perfect for quickly cleaning those hard-to-reach places.

  • Perfect for cleaning narrow dishes, such as champagne flutes, and water bottles with narrow necks
  • Stiff natural fibers provide excellent scrubbing power without scratching surfaces
  • Made with natural bristles and a soft, absorbent cotton wool top
  • Stainless steel handle 13” long

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How To Use

For spotless cleaning every time:

Step 1. Wet your medium bottle brush with warm, soapy water. 

Step 2. Slide it into the dish that you’re washing and scrub until it’s clean as a whistle.

Step 3. Rinse thoroughly and repeat until the water rinses clear with no debris.

PRO TIP: The best way to keep a tool like this around for years to come is to know how to care for it! Avoid leaving your brush soaking in water and never place it in boiling water. 


We strive to be eco-responsible so we’re proud that this Bottle Brush is created from renewable materials using environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

  • Natural bristles
  • Cotton wool top
  • 13” stainless steel handle 

Discover More About Our Medium Bottle Brush

The best way to keep a tool like this around for years to come is to know how to care for it! While designed to withstand heavy use and hot water, there are a few dos and-don’ts when it comes to your Medium Bottle Brush. 

  • After using your bottle brush, always rinse away any remaining debris in running water. 
  • To dry, hang by the ring on the end of the brush, or place upright to dry. 
  • You may place your large bottle brush in the dishwasher. 
  • Avoid leaving your bottle brush soaking in water. 
  • Placing your brush in boiling water is not recommended.

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