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Glass Spray Bottle


You deserve a spray bottle designed to last. Our versatile Glass Spray Bottle is up to every household chore and DIY recipe. 

  • Choose between a fine mist spray, stream setting, or ‘off’ 
  • Non-porous and impermeable glass prevents any lingering odors or residue after proper washing
  • Reusable and refillable, ideal for your zero-waste arsenal
  • BPA & BPS-free plastic spray top
  • Comes with a complimentary pump dispenser attachment for use with lotions, hand soaps, or dish soaps

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How to Use 

How to use your new Glass Spray Bottle: 

  • Wash your newly arrived Glass Spray Bottle with warm soapy water.
  • Fill your spray bottle with your favorite DIY recipe, cooking oil, distilled white vinegar, or even just water.
  • Spray away!

PRO TIP: Did you know? Glass is still 100% recyclable and there’s no limit to how many times it can be recycled.


Our Glass Spray Bottle is made using eco-friendly and people-safe materials:

  • Glass (sourced from domestic materials such as sand, soda ash, limestone, and furnace-ready scrap glass)
  • BPA and BPS-free plastic

In a world where chemicals are not explained or closely regulated, it can be hard to find laundry and household cleaners made with truly safe ingredients. Here is a complete list of all of the ingredients we choose and why we use them!

More Ways to Use Your Glass Spray Bottle

We have an endless list of practical uses for spray bottles throughout the house. So many, in fact, we’re willing to bet that by the time you finish reading this list of ideas, you’ll be adding a couple more of these bottles to your shopping cart!

  • Gardening: Spray weeds in your driveway with undiluted distilled white vinegar for easy, 100% safe weed killer. (Just make sure you don’t get the flowers!)
  • Houseplant Care: Mist succulents and air plants instead of watering them. It is SO easy to overwater succulents and air plants. The best route to take is regularly misting with a fine mist spray. Most houseplants love a quick spritz as well. 
  • Insect repellent: Blend 2 tbsp witch hazel, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1/2 tsp vodka, and 100 drops of anti-insect essential oils in our Glass Spray Bottle. Shake well before each use, and spritz liberally over doorframes, window frames, baseboards, and in nooks and crannies where bugs might like to hide. If you have children or pets, remember to use only kids-safe and pet-safe oils. 
  • Cooking: Clean produce quickly and easily by combining one part vinegar with three parts filtered water. Spray on the produce, allow to sit for 1-3 minutes, and rinse. Make sure to reserve your bottle for food-use only!
  • Cooking: Fill your Glass Spray Bottle with your favorite organic cooking oil. Mist the oil over cookie sheets, cake tins, and pans for seamless, easy greasing. Make sure to reserve your bottle for food-use only!
  • Laundering: Lightly scent your clothing as you iron by combining up to 15 drops of your favorite essential oils with water. Spray lightly over clothing as you iron to erase wrinkles and release a faint fragrance.
  • Home Care: Quickly and easily polish wood surfaces by combining 1 tbsp spoon of olive oil, 1 tsp of distilled white vinegar, and 10 ounces of water into the Glass Spray Bottle. Spray lightly over varnished wood services and wipe down with a dry, microfiber cloth.

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2 reviews for Glass Spray Bottle

  1. Paulina Norkiewicz

    This bottle is the perfect size. I don’t like plastic because the plastic holds odors. It looks super cute on my counter and easy to clean!

  2. Isis Osborne

    I love the bottle. Trying to switch to glass for all my cleaners and this is super cute. It said it comes with bonus pump though but mine did not. I wish it had.

    • Calley

      Oh no! We’ll get the pump sent out to you today. So sorry for the oversight!

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