16oz Lotion Plastic Pumps


Looking for an easier solution than pop-top caps? Transform any of your bottled cleaning products into pump dispensers! 

  • Fits all Molly’s Suds bottles, including Dish Soap, All Purpose Cleaner, SWIM Wash, Glass Spray Bottle, and more
  • Smooth-glide dispenser top
  • Dispenses about 1/2 tsp of liquid per pump
  • Made from BPA and BPS free plastic

Details: 28/400 Fine Ribbed, 2cc Locking Head, 6 1/2″ dip tube

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How to Use 

Make any Molly’s Suds bottle a pump dispenser:

Step 1. Remove the cap to your Dish Soap, SWIM Wash, All Natural All Purpose Cleaner, Glass Spray Bottle, or Reusable Squeeze Bottle.

Step 2. Place your Pump Dispenser into the bottle and screw into place. 

Step 3. Pump the top until the liquid inside dispenses. You’re done!



We adhere to strict ingredient integrity, so you’ll never find harmful chemicals in our products. Our Pump Dispenser 16oz is made using eco-friendly and people-safe materials:

  • BPA and BPS-free plastic 

In a world where chemicals are not explained or closely regulated, it can be hard to find laundry and household cleaners made with truly safe ingredients. Here is a complete list of all of the ingredients we choose and why we use them

How to Use Our Pump Dispenser

Looking for ideas on how to use your pump dispenser? Here are a few examples of how we use these Pump Dispensers around our homes:

  • Replace the pop-top to your Dish Soap on the kitchen sink
  • Replace the pop-top to your SWIM Wash in your laundry room 
  • Add this pump to your Glass Spray Bottle filled with Distilled White Vinegar and add 2-3 pumps to your laundry as a natural fabric softener.
  • Fill your Glass Spray Bottle with a diluted mixture of All Sport Wash and Water (50:50 ratio) for a stain treatment solution.
  • Create your own homemade hand sanitizer in our Glass Spray Bottle and add a pump top. Place it by the door or in your vehicle so you can easily sanitize everyone’s hands. 
  • This food-safe dispenser pairs perfectly with our Glass Spray Bottle for oil, simple syrups, and more. 
  • Make your favorite DIY recipe in our DIY Plastic Bottle or Glass Spray Bottle.

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