How to Wash Wool Safely

One of the great things about wool is that by nature it is self-cleaning and doesn’t need to be washed frequently. It does still need to be laundered on occasion to refresh the wool. Wool clothes, blankets, sleep sacks, and other wool garments can be washed in a washing machine or by hand using a gentle detergent like Molly’s Suds Delicate Wash.

Care Instructions: A garments care instructions may vary from our generalized recommendation. Please reference those first, if applicable.

To Hand Wash: 

Gently soak and swish your wool garments in lukewarm water and a squirt (1-2 TBSP) of Delicate Wash. This entire process should only take about 10 minutes. Do not soak any longer than that. Rinse clean. To speed the drying time lay your garments between layers of towel and gently roll to remove excess water. Lay flat to dry. Do not add Oxygen Whitener, fabric softeners, or bleach.

Drying sweaters

To Machine Wash: 

Make sure you close all buttons or zippers to prevent snagging in your washing machine. Add garments to the machine with 3-4 TBSP of Delicate Wash (for a small-medium load) and wash in a gentle cycle at 100F temperature (this is typically your warm cycle. Check your washing machine manual to be sure.). For smaller items, you can place them inside of a Mesh Laundry Bag. Lay flat to dry. Do not add Oxygen Whitener, fabric softeners, or bleach.

How to Wash Wool and Sweaters

Pilling happens naturally over time. We recommend gently removing pills with our Fabric & Sweater Pumice or Sweater & Cashmere Comb once a season.


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