Naturally Woman Owned Founders’ Top Gift Picks for the 2020 Holiday Season

Happy Holidays! Did you know October is National Women’s Small Business Month? The focus and support of female-led businesses is especially important this year as COVID has significantly impacted women in the workplace and many have had to step away from their jobs to care for children and family members. Some have even coined this challenging time as the first “female recession”.

In support and celebration of women-founded businesses (and all women, really), we’ve partnered with some of our favorite woman-owned businesses in the naturals category and are sharing our top product picks from each others’ brands.

Monica Leonard, Founder of Molly’s Suds picks:

Pleni Naturals: Want to give a gift to a special kid that isn’t candy or toys? The Pleni Naturals Children’s Gift Set is packed full of bathtime essentials that are fun and fruity! The Gift Set contains Baby Oil, Body Wash, and a Barrier Balm that both moms and kids will love to use.

Honeybee Gardens: I am not one to wear a lot of makeup but good mascara is a necessity! The Honeybee Garden Bellissima Volumising Mascara is one of my favorites. It’s effortless and easy to use and lasts all day.

Kosmatology: I’m a sucker for a good foaming hand soap that is non-toxic and smells fresh! The Kosmatology Lemon Lovers is a staple in our home. I love that you can buy it in the foaming pump, travel size, and in the 34 oz refill pouch. You can trust Kosmatology to have very similar ingredient integrity as Molly’s Suds and many of their products are rated and/or certified by EWG and Made Safe.

Luna Nectar: While I’ve tried a few of the Luna Nectar products there is one product that I may just be adding to my cart very soon, the Mars Sand Volumizing Adaptogenic Dry Shampoo. Juggling a small business, a family, and trying to work on my fitness goals leaves me reaching for a dry shampoo more than I’d like to admit. I think this will be my next purchase!

Erin’s Faces: The first thing that I do at night is take off any eye makeup that may still be left after sweating at CrossFit. After I’m done with that the Erin’s Faces Firming Eye Gel goes on so that these tired eyes can rejuvenate while I sleep. The cucumber and aloe feel so refreshing.

Tuore: I’m not one for a lot of lip gloss and color but I do enjoy a good lip oil to keep my lips hydrated. The Tuore Conditioning Lip Oil is perfect for a quick afternoon pick-me-up and small enough to toss in my pocket as I run out the door.

Laguna Herbals: Another one of my favorite ways to unwind and relax is in the bath! The Laguna Herbals Coconut Milk Bath Soak is safe for sensitive skin, soothing, and hydrating. Sprinkle this into your bath water and take time to focus on you! 

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