How to Restore Dingy White Clothes

In every single home, there is an ongoing struggle in the laundry room — the fight against stains and discoloration! White and light-colored garments are always in need of whitening or stain removal, no matter how careful you might be. 

And let’s be honest, a lot of your family members probably aren’t very careful at all. 

We have a safe, foolproof way to bring back bright whites and eradicate stains. It’s easy, uses only our safe, natural laundry products, and gets the job done right! No more dingy whites, no more yellowing collars and sleeves, and far fewer stains!

How to Brighten Dingy Whites with Natural, Safe Products

At Molly’s Suds, we have the most amazing way to safely brighten those whites! It’s effective and totally safe — no harsh or harmful chemicals needed. 

  • Step 1. In a sink (or tub) of HOT water, dissolve 2 scoops of Oxygen Whitener and 1 scoop of Super Powder
  • Step 2. Add up to 5 medium/small dingy garments. If you have a larger load, double the amount of Oxygen Whitener and Super Powder. Swish in the water to make sure all items are saturated and the detergents are dispersed. 
  • Step 3. Allow all your items to soak for 2 hours. 
  • Step 4. Check each garment for any remaining stubborn stains before washing. If you find one, apply a few sprays of Stain Spray to the area and work it into the fabric with your Laundry Stain Brush
  • Step 5. Wash in the machine as you usually would, but using Super Powder and one scoop Oxygen Whitener. When the cycle is done, check again for stains before drying. (Drying will set the stain!) If there are still any stubborn stains, rewash the item. 
  • Step 6. Add your garments to the dryer. 
  • Step 7. After drying, use Fabric & Sweater Pumice to remove any pilling on the garments. (This will be messy!)

All done! Seven simple steps, no chemicals, and minimal effort for you. What could be better?

Always Choose a Bleach Alternative 

When it comes to conquering dingy whites, many people still reach for bleach. The problem with bleach is that it’s a harsh chemical that is hard on your body and on the environment. There are solutions (like this one!) that are just as effective as bleach, but non-toxic, non-corrosive, and safe for everyone — people and planet included!

Bleach is Dangerous for Your Family 

Everyone knows bleach should never be swallowed or come into contact undiluted on the skin. However, many people don’t realize that when bleach is often used for cleaning and laundering, it can have adverse effects on family members. Studies have shown that children who are consistently exposed to bleach on surfaces and fabrics are more likely to suffer from respiratory illness, asthma, and allergies. 

Bleach Has Hazardous Interactions with Other Chemicals

Bleach doesn’t get along well with other cleaners in the home. When ammonia is mixed with bleach, it can react to create chlorine gas. But bleach can also react with more simple, everyday cleaners — like vinegar — creating potentially hazardous situations quickly.

Bleach is Risky for the Environment

Any time harsh chemicals are being washed into your local environment, there is cause for concerns. When rinsed into bodies of water, bleach reacts with other chemicals present in the water to create dioxins. These are highly dangerous toxins that are harmful to all wildlife, from bugs and fish to the animals that eat them. Worst of all, bleach lingers for many years. Even small amounts of bleach will accumulate in air and water over time. 

Questions on Stains and Dingy Whites?

We created Stain Guide so you’ve always got some help when conquering tough stains on any type of laundry. We talk about everything from wine spills and grass stains to baby formula and tomato sauce. 

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Get in touch with our team! We’re always happy to help.