9 Ways to Eliminate Stubborn Home Odors with Just One Cleaning Tool

We pride ourselves on always providing top tips for natural, safe, and effective home cleaning and laundering solutions. Our whole business was built on this passion. This means, after quite a few years in the business, we’ve got a lot of experts in our office!

We regularly take to offering tips on the best ways to get rid of stains, how to care for swimming suits, how to clean your oven using natural products, and so much more. Today, we’re tackling a tricky one — household odors. 

The best part? It’s probably the easiest solution we’ve got in our arsenal to date. Our newly released Room Deodorizer Spray is incredibly versatile and eliminates odors instead of simply masking them!

Room Deodorizer

Here are our favorite places to use this spray to maximize your time, minimize your effort, and keep your spaces smelling beautiful. 

Stinky Shoes

Everyone has that one pair of shoes that seem to absorb stink like nobody’s business. And teenage boys? It seems more like every pair of shoes is the smelly pair! Add a few of these pairs of shoes together, and you quickly have a shoe rack or coat closet that is far more ‘aromatic’ than you’d prefer. 

Use this Room Deodorizer Spray to help conquer those stinky shoes! Spritz several times directly into each shoe and over the exterior. The natural ingredients will help to get rid of the bacteria responsible for the odors and leave a fresh, botanical fragrance behind instead.

Pro Tip: Spritz inside your tennis shoes several times before putting them in your gym bag. This helps prevent any odors from being absorbed into the bag or clothing nearby.

Room Deodorizer for Bathrooms


Okay, let’s be honest. The bathroom is the stinkiest room in the whole house. It needs a little support when it comes to staying fresh. Here’s where the Room Deodorizer comes to the rescue because it gets rid of those stinky smells.

Keep this (and a few extra) bottles on hand so family members and guests can easily freshen up after using the toilet. Spritz into the air to capture odor molecules, and directly into the commode. 

Pro Tip: You can also use this spray just to leave a lingering botanical fragrance. Spritz over bath towels and hand towels, as well as bath mats. 

Fish Smells

The best part about home-cooked, fresh fish is that it is delicious and healthy. The worst part? The smell of stale fish that lingers in the house for hours and sometimes days! It feels like that Friday-night fish fry wasn’t even worth it if you can still smell it several days later. 

This Room Deodorizer Spray is incredible at pulling odors from the air and replacing it with a botanical aroma. Mist this spray throughout the kitchen and dining room after you’ve finished enjoying your meal and cleaned up (make sure you do not get it on the food!). It will capture all the fishy-smells in no time.

Pro Tip: When cleaning up after fried fish, make sure to clean any residual oil from around the stove, backsplash, and your oven hood with a surface safe cleaner. This oil is where a lot of the smell will linger!

Pet Bedding

Stinky pet bedding? Not anymore! Spritz Room Deodorizer Spray over pet blankets and mattresses to eliminate unpleasant odors. Because it’s made with pure, natural ingredients, it’s safe to be used near your pets!

Pro Tip: Is there a smelly spot on your couch where your dog always likes to lay? Spray that down with our Room Deodorizer Spray too!

Room Deodorizer for Trashcans

Smelly Trash Cans

This is one of our best secrets! Trash cans quickly absorb odors, thanks to an endless supply of food waste and garbage. These odors can sometimes be a bit overpowering. Spray this deodorizer into trash cans to help eliminate stubborn smells. 

Pro Tip: Sprinkle our Sink SCRUB into the bottom of smelly trash cans for added protection against unwanted kitchen ‘aromas’. 

Gym Bags and Beach Trips

Sweat, oil, dirt, sand, salt, and heat — it’s a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria! Strong odors can develop quickly in gym bags and beach bags, thanks to bacteria that have been introduced on sweaty clothing and shoes. The result?

A seriously smelly bag! That’s not something you want to put clean clothes in. Use this totally natural and eco-friendly spray to eliminate those odors at the source. Spray thoroughly in your bag itself, but also over your smelly shoes, beach towels, and other stinky items for good measure. 

Pro Tip: This trick works in any travel bag — including suitcases! Mist the inside of your suitcase before packing to keep your garments and belonging fresh (especially if traveling with dirty clothes). Spray the insides of shoes before packing them. 

Vehicle Freshener

Swap out chemical-laden car fresheners with a totally natural odor eliminator! It’s easy for our cars to collect stinky smells — especially if you have a car full of kids. You can ward off all sorts of unpleasant odors in your vehicle by spraying our Room Deodorizer Spray over seats, floor mats, and cushions. There’s no need for chemical-laden plugins or cardboard danglers! 

Laundry Hampers 

Running a bit behind on laundry day? Or maybe you’ve noticed that the smell from sweaty gym shorts seems to have permeated your cloth laundry hamper. Spray our Room Deodorizer over the clothing in the hamper to help get rid of lingering odors so you can put off laundry day just a little longer.

Pro Tip: Most cloth laundry hamper liners are machine washable. Check your tag and toss it in the washer with some All Sport Wash

Linens and Fresh Laundry

One of our very favorite ways to use this room spray is over bed linens and towels. Spritz the freshly laundered linens and towels as you pull them from the dryer or the clothesline to lightly infuse them with your favorite scent. Keep a bottle by your nightstand to use as a pre-bedtime ritual, so your sheets always smell fresh and clean. 

Pro Tip: This aromatic spray is particularly welcoming for guests! Spray over newly made beds, freshly folded towels, and any other linens your guests might need so they feel right at home.

Room Deodorizer

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