7 Awesome Alternative Uses for Delicate Wash

You may have purchased Delicate Wash just with your favorite blouses in mind, but you’ve actually just chosen a product that can do so much more! Our NEW Delicate Wash is the perfect choice for laundering all those tricky, delicate items that don’t often find their way into the laundry room. In fact, you’ll find yourself reaching for this bottle much more often than you might expect!

Choose Delicate Wash whenever you’re facing any of the following laundry day chores. 

Delicate Wash DetergentNatural Fiber and Fine Knit Sweaters

Wool, cashmere, and mohair sweaters will love this mild, gentle detergent! Delicate Wash is perfect for gently washing away dirt, debris, oils, and stains while preserving shape and appearance. Because it has a neutral pH, this detergent is wool-safe and can be used for all types of natural fibers safely. 

Here are our tips for laundering sweaters:

  • Add cool water and one squirt of Delicate Wash to a clean sink or washtub. 
  • Swish and squeeze the sweater in the water to work the detergent deep into the fibers. Rinse until the water runs clear. 
  • Put your sweater on a drying rack or dry towel and position it into its natural shape. After 12 hours, turn it over and reposition so that it dries thoroughly. 
  • NEVER put a natural fiber sweater in the washing machine or dryer. 

Extra Delicate Fabrics

Chiffon, Moire, lace, and other sheer fabrics are notoriously delicate. They are prone to snags (especially in the washer or dryer) and can easily be ruined with a harsh detergent. If you have a sheer blouse or chiffon skirt you love, this is the detergent to use on it! Here are our tips for washing extra delicate fabrics:

  • Using an extremely gentle detergent (like ours!), hand wash in a very clean sink or tub. Use lukewarm water. 
  • Swish the garment, water, and detergent together with your hands, squeezing and kneading very gently, before leaving it to soak for 15-30 minutes. 
  • Rinse in cool water. 
  • Air dry on a very clean, flat surface.
  • NEVER place these items in a washing machine or dryer, even on the delicate setting. 

Vintage Fabrics

Most vintage pieces are made from pretty durable materials, such as cotton, linen, or denim — but even durable fabrics, after a couple of decades, can become fragile. If your garment feels brittle and dry or smells of mildew, we’d recommend taking it to a professional. For all the rest of your cool vintage finds, we’d recommend using Delicate Wash and a few simple guidelines:

  • Soak the garment in cool water with one squirt of Delicate Wash per item. Use only a very mild detergent, like ours. Harsh or even everyday detergents can damage old, fragile items.
  • For very dirty garments, you may need to rinse out the first batch of water and repeat the soaking process. Do this until the water runs clear as you rinse the item. 
  • Allow it to air dry on a clean flat surface. 
  • NEVER use the washer or dryer on delicate vintage garments. 


Whether you’re washing a silk scarf, camisole, or pillowcase, there are some golden rules to live by — always choose a gentle detergent with a neutral pH and always be extra careful when laundering. 

Some silks can be put in the washing machine (many silk sheets and pillowcases, for example). But before you get carried away, check the tag. If you can wash your silks in the washing machine, wash alone or with other machine-washable silk items of a similar color. We recommend using a Mesh Laundry Bag to protect smaller items. 

For those classy items that shouldn’t be machine washed, you’ll need to wash them by hand. Follow the same steps that you would for any other delicate item:

  • Fill a sink or washtub with cool water and add one squirt of Delicate Wash. ONLY use a silk-safe detergent!
  • Add your silk items and swish them lightly in the water for a minute or two. 
  • Allow them to soak for 10 minutes before rinsing in cool water. 
  • Air dry. 


Thankfully, neckties don’t get dirty very often. But, when they do and it’s time to launder them, there are some simple rules to follow. Always hand wash your ties, always choose a gentle detergent, and always air dry. 

  • Fill a sink or washtub with cool water. Add one squirt of Delicate Wash, and swish the water to disperse the detergent before adding your tie.
  • Allow it to sit for 30 minutes before rinsing out. 
  • Place the tie flat on a clean towel and press flat to remove excess water. DO NOT wring your tie!
  • Hang to dry. 


Bras and sports bras are usually made of delicate synthetic fabrics, elastic straps, and tiny hooks that easily snag and twist. Memory foam cups can quickly become misshapen and underwires bent.  Whether you’re heading out for a date, going to work, heading to the gym, or just hanging out at home — you deserve a bra that is comfortable, supportive, and shapely. 

To keep your bras in great condition:

  • Fill a sink or washtub with cool water. Add one squirt of Delicate Wash for each bra you add. 
  • Swish the items in the water, then allow them to soak for 30 minutes. 
  • Rinse in cool water and air dry. 

Pro Tip: If you have particularly stinky sports bras, you may want to swap out Delicate Wash for All Sport Wash instead. 

Washing delicate laundry

Special Lingerie Pieces

Time to wash your favorite piece of lingerie? For all special lingerie items and hosiery, we recommend choosing a detergent that has a neutral pH and is silk-safe.

To safely launder those pieces of lingerie that can’t be submerged: 

  • Mix a solution of 1 squirt of Delicate Wash with one full spray bottle of cool water and shake to mix. 
  • Alternative spritzing the garment with this cleansing mixture and wiping it with a clean, dry towel. For extra dirty areas, allow the solution to sit before spraying with cool, clean water and soaking up with a clean, dry towel. 
  • Allow it to air dry completely before storing it. 

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