Toilet Time 101: How to Naturally Clean Your Toilet

Everyone knows the myth. 

Clean isn’t clean without bleach or harsh chemicals. One of the places featured in these scary tales of microbes, germs, and bacteria, is, of course, the toilet. 

The reality is, our toilets are definitely dirty — but there’s very rarely (if ever!) a need for bleach when it comes to getting it clean. Rather than keeping your family safe, harsh chemicals are actually hard on our bodies and destructive to the environment. Harsh chemicals are particularly hard on small bodies and can cause contact dermatitis, lung irritation, and even neurological damage. Check out our article on the worst chemical offenders

How to Naturally Clean the Toilet

We have some tips for you to achieve a sparkling, clean-as-a-whistle toilet every time, using 100% safe and natural cleaning products. 

The Toilet Exterior 

We obviously recommend our own All Purpose Natural Cleaner for this job, but your favorite all-natural cleaning spray will do as well. Spray the full exterior of your toilet and wipe clean using paper towels or (better!) a machine washable cloth. 

Our All Purpose Natural Cleaner formula uses only plant-derived and bio-based ingredients that easily get rid of gunk and grime, without leaving a sticky residue. Because it’s made using plant-based ingredients, it’s an ideal choice for those with fragrance and chemical sensitivities. 

The Toilet Bowl

We have a nifty trick for those of you who want to avoid buying yet another cleaning product to line your shelves. Instead of toilet bowl cleaner, grab our Oxygen Whitener or Sink SCRUB instead! These two products clean quickly and easily while offering extra scrubbing and whitening power. 

Sink SCRUB is a perfect toilet cleaner. It gently scrubs away scum and cuts through residue while releasing a fresh fragrance. Best of all, it’s safe to use on all toilets. When you’re done, scrub the sink or the tub as well! 

Hard Water Stains in the Toilet Bowl

Oxygen Whitener has an almost magical way of lifting stains out of toilet bowls. Add a generous sprinkle to the bowl, and scrub with your toilet brush as you normally would. When you’re done, don’t flush yet – allow the Oxygen Whitener to sit on any stains for 30 minutes or more. Then, flush and admire a shockingly clean toilet!

Hard Surfaces Surrounding the Toilet

Once the toilet itself is clean, remember to check the area around it. Bathrooms with little boys tend to require some extra attention. Use your All Purpose Natural Cleaner to spray the floor and walls around the toilet to wipe up any splatter. 

Splatter, you say? Even if you don’t have boys in the house, if you leave the toilet lid up when you flush, you’ve got splatter

When you flush, the rush of water causes water particles and bacteria from the toilet bowl to fly into the air. This is known as an ‘aerosol effect’. If you haven’t already, teach everyone in your family to close the toilet lid after going to the bathroom so you can minimize spray onto surrounding surfaces — not to mention avoid a midnight dip in the toilet bowl because someone left the seat up. 

Sink SCRUB for cleaning toilets naturally

What are Your Favorite Toilet-Cleaning Tactics?

Tell us! We love to collect tips and tricks from our fans so that we can offer the best advice and input out there. All our collective knowledge is most valuable when combined and shared with others!

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