Spring Cleaning Basics: The Kitchen

We’re not going to lie. The kitchen is going to be one of the toughest spring cleaning projects on the list. This space in our homes is often the hub of the family and, as such, gets really dirty really quickly. 

While daily kitchen clean-ups can keep most of the mess at bay, there are some big projects that need to be tackled — cleaning out the oven and the fridge, top to bottom dusting and wiping food splatter or oil off the walls. It’ll be a long day, so turn on your favorite music or an audiobook and get moving!

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But, Before You Get Going, Get Your Gear!

In the kitchen, you’ll have most of what you need on hand already. But, here’s a complete list, just so you are totally prepared. 

  • All Purpose Natural Cleaner 
  • Dish Soap
  • Window Cleaner (combine equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle with a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a safe and effective glass cleaner) 
  • Sink SCRUB™ 
  • Scrub brush and sponge
  • Some old kitchen towels
  • Long-handled duster
  • Vacuum with brush attachments
  • Mop and mop bucket (only if you have hard flooring)
  • Stepladder

Spring Cleaning The Kitchen Checklist:

The key to deep-cleaning the kitchen is to go in stages. Don’t tackle all your cupboards AND the oven at the same time. View each appliance or primary area as one step, one thing to tackle. This way, if it’s too much for one day, you can at least check some major wins on your checklist. 

Let’s get started! 

  • Clear away clutter. Old mail, kitchen utensils, to-do lists, electronic devices — get it all off the counters and where it belongs. Quickly do any dirty dishes so you have a clear space to get to work. 
  • Clean the ceiling, light fixtures and/or ceiling fans, and window frames. Remove art from the walls and clean before setting it aside. Use a clean microfiber cloth or long-handled duster to get the ceiling. Light fixtures and fan blades should be wiped down with a damp cloth and All Purpose Natural Cleaner
  • Wipe down the walls with All Purpose Natural Cleaner. It’s incredible how far food splatter can go. Spray and wipe (or scrub!) down the walls, remove splattered food, dust, and cobwebs. 
  • Clean the windows. If your screens are removable, take them out. Take them to the bathroom and lightly scrub them down before rinsing them clean. Using a toothbrush or small scrub brush, clean the window tracks. Replace the screens. Use a window cleaner or your own DIY solution to clean the glass. 
  • Launder or clean your window treatments. 
  • Clean your pantry, cupboards, and kitchen drawers. Food particles easily and quickly accumulate in all corners of the kitchen. Completely empty your cupboards and drawers so you can thoroughly clean the interiors with All Purpose Natural Cleaner and a clean cloth. When you’re done, clean the exteriors as well. 
  • Organize your kitchen supplies. Toss expired foods, chipped dinnerware and glasses, storage containers missing their lids, and anything else that you no longer need. Reorganize if necessary, or simply replace all items back to their designated areas. Keep in mind, this is a great time to install drawer dividers or shelf liners!
  • Clean doorknobs and light switches. 
  • Clean the microwave. Fill a microwaveable bowl with equal parts vinegar and water. Add several drops of lemon or orange essential oil. Microwave on high for several minutes, or until there’s plenty of steam. The vinegar and lemon essential oil steam will cut through grease and food splatter, making it so much easier to wipe clean. THE BOWL WILL BE HOT – USE CAUTION WHEN REMOVING IT. Clean the exterior.
  • Clean your dishwasher. So often overlooked in regular cleaning, your dishwasher can quickly build up lots of grime. Remove all removable racks and set aside. Spray the interior with a natural cleaner and wipe away accumulated grime and debris. Pay close attention to the rubber gaskets around the door and the drain. 
  • Clean your oven. Most oven cleaners are made with incredibly harsh chemical ingredients. Do you want that in a place where you’re cooking your food? We don’t! Instead, you can use a simple DIY method instead. 
  • Clean stovetop. Take the knobs, burners, burner covers, and spill catchers off of the stove. Follow the owner’s manual for information on the best cleaning methods for your model. If you don’t have the manual, a quick Google search should give you the info you need. 
  • Clean your small kitchen appliances. This includes your coffee maker, coffee grinder, toaster or toaster oven, or other miscellaneous counter appliances. 
  • Clean backsplash and countertops. 
  • Clean the sink. Sprinkle a generous amount of Sink Scrub over your sink and scour. Rinse down the drain. If you have a garbage disposal, put ice cubes with lemon peel and a dash of Sink Scrub down the disposal to freshen the drain and sharpen the blades. 
  • Clean the refrigerator interior. 
  • Clean the refrigerator exterior, including coils. You’ll need to pull your refrigerator forward to access the cavity behind. UNPLUG the refrigerator, then clean the back of the fridge and its coils with a vacuum or clean rag until free of dust and debris. Clean the floor beneath as well before plugging it back in and returning it to place. 
  • Mop the floor. 
  • Order takeout for dinner. You know you’ve earned it.

Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen with Molly's Suds

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