Why It’s Time for You To Switch from Conventional to Natural Products

A new year, a new start. Have you considered switching from Conventional to Natural Products?

If you haven’t already set your 2019 intentions or made your resolutions, allow us to suggest a lifestyle overhaul that will better your health, the environment, and the world.

We know — that sounds a little over-the-top. But the reality is, even little changes can make a big difference. And when a lot of people make a lot of little changes? Whole worlds, economies, and cultures can shift.

Now is the time when people with a vision for healthier bodies and a healthier planet are making lots of little changes to how they live, eat, and clean. We’d encourage you to consider joining the movement by cleaning out your cupboards and pantries, and switching from the conventional to the natural.

Here’s why.

Natural Laundry Detergents and Cleaning Products are Better for Your Health

Conventional cleaning and laundry products are loaded with dozens of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. In fact, environmental experts estimate that the average American home contains more than 62 toxic chemicals.

The world of cleaning and laundry products goes largely unregulated when it comes to human and environmental safety. Of approximately 80,000 chemicals commonly used in the USA, only about 200 have ever been tested for human safety. (You can read more about that here.)

Unfortunately, there’s plenty of research showing that many of these frequently used ingredients come with some big health concerns for you, your family, and our environment.

Just a few of these concerns include:

  • Carcinogens
  • Reproductive and hormonal dysfunction
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Skin irritation
  • Increased chemical sensitivity
  • Respiratory irritation
  • Asthma
  • Antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria

Natural laundry detergent and cleaning products can be equally effective but come without any of the health risks associated with the conventional cleaning products. At Molly’s Suds, we rely on earth and plant-based ingredients that are known to be gentle and safe for use even in homes with newborns and chemically-sensitive individuals.

If there is ever a possible allergen in our products, such as the coco-glucoside derived from coconut oil and fruit sugar in our Liquid Laundry Detergent, we let you know about it. In fact, we’d encourage you to review our full list of ingredients here.

Choose Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

Environmentally responsible manufacturing processes help to keep our planet safe and conserve natural resources.

When you use harsh cleaners and detergents, these are flushed directly out into the local environment. Many common chemicals are extremely damaging to the environment, and some, such as phthalates, can even cause genetic mutation in aquatic wildlife.

Our natural laundry detergents use earth and plant-derived ingredients for our cleaning power. These ingredients are completely safe to return to the earth.

We also offer a variety of products made from sustainably sourced materials, such as wood, glass, and recyclable plastics, that are designed to be reused again and again. This helps customers like you reduce the quantity of recyclable (or nonrecyclable) materials you consume.

Choose to Support a Female Entrepreneur and Family-Owned Small Business

Molly’s Suds was founded by Monica Leonard after her family suffered the tragic loss of her stillborn daughter Molly. As Monica grieved, she began to investigate the potential causes of stillbirths, and she uncovered information that would alter her life forever.

She found that of the 85,000+ chemicals used in commerce, 20% are kept private as ‘trade secrets’, and only around 200 have ever been tested for human safety. Many of these commonly used chemicals have been linked to cancer, hormonal problems, infertility, respiratory issues, pollution, and much more.

Monica knew she wanted to share this knowledge with others and find safe, natural alternatives to the conventional products she had in her house.

A decade later, Monica is the CEO and owner of Molly’s Suds. She and her family operate this small business out of Florida, and it’s a rare day you won’t find Monica, her husband, and several of their children at their warehouse or offices. She’s the heart of the company and a fearless leader who is committed to integrity and safety.

Choose to Be a Part of a Bigger Cause

At Molly’s Suds, the vision for changing the world extends beyond our own business and our own homes. We actively choose to partner with organizations fighting for social justice and championing community care.

Some of our partnerships include:

  • The Laundry Project. This initiative is a non-profit that assists low-income families with a basic need — washing laundry.
  • The MacDonald Training Center. This non-profit organization focuses on supplying vocational skills for individuals with disabilities, as well as residential support and advocation for innovation in employment services.
  • Autism Hope Alliance. This non-profit group helps families facing a diagnosis of Autism find support, resources, and community.

We know that the big picture of our own business is also the big picture of our society as well. Our slogan of ‘Always Safe for People and the Planet’ means supporting other businesses and partnerships focused on making our communities, the environment, and the world safer and healthier for all people.

You Can Be a Part of the Change Too

Making the choice to switch from conventional, chemical-laden cleaning and home care products to safe, natural cleaning products have a greater impact than you might think.

You’ll improve the health of your family, protect your local environment, and make a statement to other manufacturing companies and Big Brands about what you believe to be important. Consumer dollars will make the most compelling argument for conventional companies to rethink their choice of ingredients, and, hopefully, shift the market to safer options.

We would love for you to check out our natural laundry detergents and cleaning products. But you can also check out our DIY page for natural alternatives to many household cleaners. Honestly, any choice you make toward a healthier home is worthwhile, effective, and something to celebrate.  

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