Employee Spotlight: Steve, Warehouse & Shipping Manager

At Molly’s Suds headquarters we run a lean and mean team.

Everyone wears multiple hats, which means no day is exactly the same. Our team is known for their adaptability which gives them the keen ability to always be thinking on their feet. We all do our own grunt work, and we pitch in to help each other out.

But who are these people behind the scenes – the faces behind the brand? Where do new product ideas come from? How do orders get fulfilled?

Are all orders really shipped from St. Petersburg, Florida?

We thought it would be fun to answer these questions and more in our new Molly’s Suds Employee Spotlight! Every few months we’ll introduce you to a different team member, share a little about how they contribute to our family-owned company, and hopefully give you another reason to love Molly’s Suds.

This month we’re pleased to introduce you to our Warehouse & Shipping Manager: Steve!

Employee Spotlight: Steve flexing with his favorite product

Hailing from Minnesota where the winters are freezing and the people are unbelievably friendly, Steve was about to start another job when a freak accident and injury forced him to make other plans. We were happy to swoop him up.

Despite his light-hearted demeanor, Steve lifts a heavy load for Molly’s Suds – literally! He packs and stacks our products on pallets to fulfill orders for our retail partners, and he receives and organizes all product inventory. All this while also working on his side hustle as a bodybuilder/model.

We asked Steve a little more about his connection to our company, and this is what he shared:

Q: What is your favorite Molly’s Suds product and why?

A: My favorite product is the All Sport because Its tough on my sweaty gym clothes. I’m also a total klutz and am known for my epic spills. The stain-fighting enzymes in the All Sport work great on coffee, food, or whatever part of my lunch doesn’t quite make it into my mouth. I like it because it’s more gentle and natural than most laundry detergents out there, and I’m at the gym six days a week so dirty laundry piles up fast.

All Sport measured out

Q: Yes! The All Sport is an awesome stain pre-treat solution, too. How’d we get so lucky to have you anyway?

A: I found an ad on Craigslist for this position in April of 2017. I was actually supposed to start a job assisting tourists in parasailing. I was tumbling on South Beach in Miami the weekend before I was supposed to start and ended up injuring both legs. I couldn’t fully walk for a month and took almost a year to fully recover. This experience was actually a blessing in disguise because, without it, I never would have found this great company!

Q: What were your first impressions of Molly’s Suds?

A: I remember being inspired after looking into the company and finding out what it’s all about. When I came in for my interview with Monica (the founder) I left feeling great and like I definitely wanted to be a part of the company.

Q: Which of our Core Values resonates most strongly with you? Why?

A: The Core Values I most identify with are Embodying Resilience & Perseverance. Throughout my life, I have experienced many personal obstacles and challenges. I have come out stronger and more resilient than I ever thought possible. It helps me know that whatever life throws my way, I can handle. I carry all the tools I’ve gained over into my work life to help me thrive in that environment as well.

Beyond his warehouse duties, Steve is always ready and willing to help out with any of the team’s special projects or initiatives – that includes taking orders for afternoon coffee runs. He’s a calm and steady presence in our office, which can sometimes get a little crazy with all we’re trying to accomplish.

Employee Spotlight: Steve on horseback

Steve is our very own Strong Man in so many ways!

If you know our story, you know our company was founded by a pediatric nurse and mom, and because we’re a modest-sized group of tightly-knit employees, we think of each other like family.

We know when someone is having a hard day, we celebrate each other’s personal and professional milestones, and we work together to build this brand with products that are Always Safe for people & the planet.

We think this helps to set us apart from our competitors, and we’re so grateful for our loyal customers that share our opinion!

Drop us a comment and tell us your favorite Molly’s Suds product – it’s most likely gone through Steve in order to get to you! If you’ve never tried the All Sport, grab a bottle and let us know what you think.

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