Laundry Tips – Simple Steps to Make Your Laundry Load Lighter

Laundry isn’t anyone’s favorite task, but with a couple of systems in place, you might find that it’s a little more enjoyable.

Grab this free printable, try out the tips along with Molly’s Suds laundry products and you’ll be on your way to laundry bliss in no time!

mom and baby doing laundry

First thing’s first, have a game plan for stains.

What are the most common household laundry stains? It depends on your activities and profession and if you have kids in the home or not. I find that by staying on top of the laundry, stains don’t become stains because they really aren’t given a chance to set in.

Keep a piece of chalk (yep! the kind you’d use on a chalkboard) in your laundry room and if you have a grease or oil stain, simply write on the stain enough to completely cover it. The chalk powder will absorb the oil. Launder as usual! I also add a scoop of Oxygen Whitener to every load of whites. It attacks any stain and keeps our whites bright. Have a tough stain, hand-me-downs or older stains? Pre-treat with a little dab of natural dish soap or laundry detergent directly rubbed into the stain with your finger or a laundry brush and soak. You can also add the Oxygen Whitener to your heavier soiled loads to boost the detergent’s power, it’s like having superpowers.

pre-treating stains with Oxygen Whitener

A prewash with cool (not cold) water and then a warm water main cycle is best for stains. Remember, once you dry a stain in the dryer, it is tough to get it out. So, retreat or rewash new stains if necessary before placing a stained garment in the dryer.

Do laundry daily.

I recommend doing laundry daily – it keeps the piles from getting out of control and makes it so much less of an overwhelming task. That said, you should know that I have three active children and we easily ‘produce’ 7 loads of laundry in a week. Tailor this tip for your household and needs, but the main objective is to stay on top of laundry so you don’t have baskets of unfolded laundry waiting to be put away. When you do laundry, wash, fold, and put it away. Then start a new load once that load has been taken care of.

Use alternatives to fabric softener.

Fabric softener isn’t helping your laundry or home, in fact, it is most likely hurting your clothing fibers and your health. Switch to natural alternatives – they’re healthier, more economical, and eco-friendly. Wool Dryer Balls and white vinegar are my go-to fabric softeners. Distilled white vinegar works amazingly well with towels to get them soft and fluffy. Pair it with Wool Dryer Balls and you have a winning laundry duo. Need that softener scent? Add a couple drops of essential oils to your Wool Dryer Balls, let dry overnight, and toss them in the dryer. Your laundry will dry more quickly and it’ll be scented with your signature scent!

fluffy linens out of the dryer

Laundry doesn’t have to be a chore, with a workable system and the right products, a simplified approach to laundry can be yours!

Becky Rapinchuk – a.k.a Clean Mama