How to Hand Wash Clothes — Delicates and Lingerie

We know, we know. Hand washing seems like such an absolute chore. And, we won’t lie — it is an extra task on that to-do list.

filling the sink for a hand wash

But, the benefits of hand washing are not to be questioned. Those few extra minutes of laundry duty may make the difference between expensive delicates that last for years and garments that wear out in just a few months.

Choosing the Best Detergent for Hand Washing Clothes

Your delicates are, well, delicate. This means it’s best to use a gentle formula designed to clean, yet preserve the specialized fabrics, such as wicking, UV protection, etc. We recommend All Sport or SWIM TM. Both products contain active enzymes that help to remove sweat and oil build-up while preserving garment elasticity.

All Sport + SWIM lifestyle

Whatever you choose to use, the most important factor is that it be a gentle formula.

How to Hand Wash Clothes Like a Pro

Hand washing doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming. If you do it correctly, hand washing clothing can be done quickly with minimal effort.

  1. Add a full capful of All Sport to a clean sink, bucket, or bathtub. Fill with enough warm water to completely immerse your garments.
  2. Check each garment for stains. If you find any, pretreat with a stain solution.
  3. Add your delicates to the wash and submerge. Gently work the soapy water into the fabric.
  4. Allow the garments to soak for approximately 30 minutes before rinsing with cool water.
  5. Remove the clothes from the wash and press firmly to get rid of the excess water. DO NOT WRING! Wringing garments, especially bras, swimming suits, and lingerie will damage the elasticity and form of the garment.
  6. Place the garment on a clean bath towel and roll it up like a burrito. Squeeze it like you mean it!
  7. Unroll your bath towel and place the garment onto a laundry rack over the tub or sink to drip dry. NEVER put delicates or lingerie in the dryer!

washing athletic apparel in the sinkHow Often Should I Hand Wash My Clothes?

Luckily, you can usually get in several wears before your garments will need a wash. Here are our recommendations.

Bras: Every 3-4 wears. Wash more often if you’re prone to sweating or live in a hot climate.
Sports Bras: For active workouts when you’re sweating, every 1-2 wears. For low-impact exercise where you don’t break a sweat, every 3-4 wears.
Special Piece Lingerie: Wash every 3-4 wears.
Delicate blouses: Wash as needed, or every 6-8 wears.
Swimming Suits: Wash after every use.

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