7 Simple Laundry Hacks to Save Money

Show of hands — who likes wasting their money?

Yep. No one. Neither do we.

But when it comes to our laundry habits, a lot of us are doing exactly that. These laundry hacks are guaranteed to help you cut down on costs, use energy more efficiently, and keep your garments looking like new, longer.

Tip 1. Stop Using Dryer Sheets. Those Things Are Toxic Anyway.

Dryer sheets are a toxic ripoff. They are pricey, largely unnecessary, and are packed with dozens of ingredients that are harmful to your health and damage your clothing by coating them in a thin chemical residue. This coating diminishes the life-span of your garments, especially athletic apparel.

So, what are you supposed to use, then? Wool Dryer Balls! They work just like a dryer sheet, softening the fabrics, discouraging wrinkles, and even reduce your drying time by up to 30%.

laundry hacks

Ditch the dryer sheets!

Tip 2. Stop Using Fabric Softener. You Don’t Need It.

Fabric softener is another chemical-heavy ripoff. Fabric softeners are primarily used to ‘soften’ fabrics, soften hard water for better laundering, and add fragrance. Unfortunately, fabrics are ‘softened’ thanks to a chemical coating that makes the fabrics feel fluffier, but actually causes damage in the long run.

Cut back on unnecessary costs by softening hard water with vinegar and softening linens by switching to wool dryer balls.

Tip 3. Be Proactive About Stains — Pretreat!

One of the best ways to cut down on clothing costs is to keep your laundry lasting longer. Taking a few extra minutes to look for and pre-treat stains can make the difference between a ruined $30 dress shirt and several years more use.

Quickly check each garment and tackle each stain before throwing it into the laundry.

laundry hacks

Don’t delay – go after stains right away!

Tip 4. Hand-wash Your Delicates. It’ll Use Less Water and Detergent, and Keep Your Pieces Lasting Longer.

Hand-washing can make the difference between lingerie and delicates that preserve their shape and elasticity for years — and lingerie that wears out in six months.

If you’re anything like us, trips to the mall for new bras is toward the top of our list of the ‘worst-ways-to-spend-a-day’. It pays to keep those pricey purchases as good as new for as long as possible.

laundry hacks


Here’s how to make hand-washing a breeze.

  1. Fill a clean sink or tub with warm water and a capful of All Sport.
  2. Add your delicates. Gently work the soapy water into the fabric.
  3. Allow to soak 30 minutes. Rinse with cool water.
  4. Place on a clean bath towel and roll into a burrito and squeeze to remove excess water. Do not wring!
  5. Allow to drip dry on a laundry rack or draped over the tub or sink.

Tip 5. Clean Your Dryer Vent. It’ll Help Keep Your Dryer Running Efficiently.

You know how you need to empty that lint-catch every time you run your dryer? Well, it can only catch so much. The rest of the lint goes into your dryer vent where gets caught in the ductwork. All this extra lint reduces the efficiency of your dryer by obstructing air flow.

It only takes about 15-20 minutes to clean out the dryer vent. Do this once every six months to keep your dryer running efficiently.

Tip 6. Hang Dry Your Clothes. Your Clothes Will Last Longer and Your Energy Bill Will Go Down.

For those of you lucky enough to live somewhere that you can have an outdoor clothesline, take advantage of it. Hang towels, blankets, sheets, and clothing in the sun and enjoy the scent of fresh air. Line drying can also reduce wrinkles and naturally freshen fabrics!

laundry hacks

Scented by Mother Nature

No clothesline? Purchase an indoor drying rack like this one.

Tip 7. Use the Quick-Wash Option For Regular Loads.

If you have a quick-wash option on your washing machine, use it. (For soiled loads, we’d recommend that you stick to the standard option or heavy wash.) This setting speeds up the wash cycle, uses less water, and less energy. A quick-wash setting will still get the job done — just in a fraction of the time and with less expense.

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