The DIY Secret to Treating and Removing Stains

The DIY Secret to Treating and Removing Stains

There are few things worse than sorting your laundry on laundry day, only to find a shirt, pants, baby clothes – you get the picture – that have a huge stain that has probably been sitting there for days. Cue the feeling of immediate defeat. As if this huge pile of laundry staring back at you wasn’t enough – now you have to work on treating and removing stains.

There are probably a million recipes all over the internet and we have tried many methods of removing stains from clothing over the years.

After trying this simple DIY for removing stains on white and colored clothing, we found a winner! This homemade secret to treating and removing stains really does the job. It is inexpensive, easy to make, and the Oxygen Whitener can be used for lots of other things too. That is a win-win in our book! Don’t know what Oxygen Whitener is? Learn more about it here – then grab yourself some and get started on this recipe!

You are going to want to whip up a batch of this homemade stain remover and keep it handy for treating and removing stains – we promise. It is a life saver!

Molly’s Suds Secret to Treating and Removing Stains


  1. Funnel
  2. Hot (not boiling) Water
  3. Squeeze/Squirt Bottle (grab one of these when you get your Oxygen Whitener!)
  4. Oxygen Whitener 
  5. Natural Dish Soap (optional)


  1. Using a funnel, fill the squirt bottle with warm water, one generous scoop of Oxygen Whitener, and a teaspoon of natural dish soap (optional).
  2. Shake gently until the Whitener has dissolved. (Use within 4 hours for best results!)
  3. Squirt directly onto the problem area, such as armpit stains, collar stains, or grease stains. Massage the treatment gently into the fabric and allow to sit up to two hours.
  4. Reapply if necessary, then launder as usual. Be sure to check that you removed all of the stains before you toss it into the dryer.
  5. Once you see the stain is removed, toss it into the dryer with your Molly’s Suds Wool Dryer Balls.


Seems easy enough, right? We think you are going to love this recipe. And since you will already have the Oxygen Whitener on hand, you should check out these other DIY recipes too. Use the Oxygen Whitener for a sparkling toilet bowl cleaner, garbage disposal freshener, and of course, in your laundry too!

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