My baby name is going to be what!?

You have just found out you are having a baby boy, and are getting excited as your due date draws near! You begin to prepare for the baby to be, setting up the nursery, buying Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Powder (of course!), deciding which color to paint his bedroom walls…

But what about his name?!

Should his name sound distinguished, like Alastair or Earl? Should he be named after his great grandfather, Herbert? Or should you just keep it simple, like George or Paul? How will you decide?

What if there was a way to generate ideas for baby names and have fun while doing so? Not those boring baby name search engine sites, but something more interactive and social? And one that involved your family and friends, so they could help steer you towards a name your son won’t be embarrassed of while growing up?

Check out Belly Ballot, one of the largest online communities of pregnant moms, and The Funnest Way to Name Your Baby!. Molly’s Suds partnered with Belly Ballot in July to offer a prize towards one of their weekly contests – the participant who got the most votes won some free Molly’s Suds!

As described on the site, Naming Your Baby Name Has Never Been this Fun! Simply:

  1. Pick 5 favorite names for your Belly Ballot
  2. Invite friends and family to vote. More votes = cool prizes!
  3. Announce your final choice on Facebook and Twitter!

So what are you waiting for? The traditional ways of naming your soon-to-be tot are behind us – visit Belly Ballot today to let the naming begin!